About us


Event Center. Panoramic view. Flexibility.

The Academy Golf Budapest is the city’s most exclusively located golf court which welcomes all golfers and also it is a very unique event center with great meeting venues. The Pázsit restaurant provides us the highest quality of catering service with a fully trained staff. The Academy Golf Budapest is the perfect choice for conferences, trainings, team buildings, birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries and for any special occassions to celebrate.

Most of the other golf courts can be find in the countryside of Hungary, but our property is located only a few minutes far away from the downtown in the district III. It has very exclusive atmosphere to provide for all type of events, and our guest do not even have to travel a lot to reach us. We also have 64 free parking lot, which is also a big plus especially in Budapest where the parking is payable almost everywhere. Therefore our guest can enjoy the view as soon as they get out from the car and this excitement  just only continues when they sit down next to the  fireplace at our clubhouse.

Our main strengthness as an event center is the flexibility. Even though we truly have an amazing, exclusive environment it does not mean bounds at all. Our in – and outdoor event spaces are available for our costumers, there are no borders, limits with the requests, catering, ideas, technical solutions. The Pázsit restaurant provides the catering for all of the events at the Academy Golf Budapest. They only use quality materials for their dishes, has an excellent well trained staff and great sense of the guests needs.

The Academy Golf Budapest is Hungary’s only one pet friendly golf course and event center, which means that the little favorites does not have to stay home while the owner is playing golf or attending to a meeting. The pet – and family friendly atmosphere was very important for us, therefore we are well prepared with various entertainment options for the kids and pets during the parents are at the events.

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