Kristóf Eiring

PGA Trainee

Kristóf has a close relation with golf since 2006 when he was only 11 years old. In 2009 he became a member of the Hungarian National Junior Golf Team, then in 2012 he won the Hungarian Cup.

He became professional in 2013 and he started his studies to be a golf instructor in the same year at the PGA of Hungary. In addition to teaching he still competes in a professional championship series in Europe. He enjoys teaching individuals and groups, no matter if they’re absolutely beginners or advanced players. In addition to build his professional career Kristóf cares about giving the experience he gets during the tournaments to his students.

“I hope I can help you to fall in love with this sport, which immediately became a very important part of my life!”

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Barnabás Popovits

Head Golf Professional

Barnabás has been a golf enthusiast for more than 15 years by now. In his amateur years he was a member of the national team and he won the Junior Amateur Tour many times. He became professional in 2009 as a Teaching Pro, but he kept competing what gave him podium finishes on the professional tour. In 2015 he finished at the 9th place in the Hungarian Professinal Golfers championship. He is an instructor of  the Academy Golf Budapest since 2010, he became the head pro in 2013. Besides his instructor role, he is the anchorman and editor of Hungary’s one and only radio show about golf, the Golf Tour.

Individuals and groups, native and English speakers are both more than welcome on his lessons. He can also analyze the swing of advanced players with the V1 Golf Swing analyzing system, which is a popular choice of many professionals around the globe.


Gábor Csikós

Head Golf Professional

Gábor finished the Fully Professional PGA pro training of the PGA of Hungary in 2007. He was teaching golf between 2002 and 2010 at the Pólus Palace Golf Club. He is the member of the board of the PGA of Hungary since 2007, his responsibility is to control the training system. He has joined the Academy Golf Budapest team in 2011.

At 2013 he made the Golfiesta Sport Club, which has a tournament and family programs as well. The Golfiesta Sport Club is a place where business, friendship and family can meet and where every golf lover can meet. Gábor’s goal is to popularize golf, and he does that with his high quality trainings.

Prices for 2017

Please see below our annual membership offers. The pre-sale prices are available until the 31st of January 2017. The memberships has been brought in 2016 for the year 2017, are also valid for this season and they are entitled to use the course unlimitedly.

Senior members are allowed to invite one guest for a 9 hole course in each months.(annual membership also includes one green fee per month for free)

The prices listed below are gross prices. The HCP does not include the fee of the EGA card, which costs 10 000 HUF.

Annual membership (including HCP): 165 000 148 500 HUF
Secondary membership (without HCP): 132 000 119 000 HUF
Annual family membership (2 aduls + 1 junior, incl. HCP): 330 000 245 500 HUF
Corporate membership (1 named + 1 unnamed bearer, w/o HCP): 275 000 HUF
Junior membership (under 14 years, including HCP): 55 000 49 500 HUF
Junior membership (under 18 years, including HCP): 59 000 HUF
HCP management: 35 000 HUF

Green fee for 9 holes: 6 500 HUF
Green fee for 18 holes: 9 500 HUF
Green fee for 9 holes (junior): 3 250 HUF
Green fee for 18 holes (junior): 4 750 HUF
Driving Range balls (56 pieces): 990 HUF
Driving Range balls (junior, 56 pieces): 600 HUF


10 times course for the aptitude test:

Contact Barnabás Popovits for more information!
+36 30 865 6525

Rules and etiquette course and test:

Contact Barnabás Popovits for more information!
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