I’d like to play golf

Playing golf it’s a great thing! We love it so much and our desire is that – this sport to become more and more popular in Hungary! That’s why we have the Academy Open Days – where everyone can try golf  even with their friends or family. Here we introduce this exciting sport to you and you will also be able to look around  at our gorgeous clubhouse, try out our restaurant offers or even just have a nice walk in this beautiful environment.

These Open Days will be held on Saturdays in each month if there are more than 6 candidate (the maximum group headcount is 10 people) The program duration is approximately 3 hours long and it starts at 10:30am.

Date of the next Academy Open Day: we won’t have more open days in 2018. 

Program price: 12 990 HUF 6990 HUF / person

The program fee can be fully redeemed as a discount at the Academy Golf Budapest – in case of golf training purchasement!

You can apply at the recepcio@academygolfbudapest.hu email address or via phone on the +3630-730-3270 phone number.


Upon the site visit, our trainers drive you around the 9 hole course – where everyone can experience how gorgeous is to play this sport in this unique environment.


At the first run the trainers introduce you the basics of the golf. Why they are using a lot of clubs? What kind of strikes are exists? How valuable is golf as a sport? The training is 60 minutes long.


After the site visit and the presentation we are inviting you for a typical Hungarian dish „bogrács”. The trainers and the staff of the golf course also join to you at lunch, therefore they can answer to you for all of your questions. During lunch we serve lemonade and coffee to our guests.

I am interested, please continue!

In case you have enjoyed our Academy Open Day and you would like to learn more about golf, you have to decide what direction to go for. If you do not want to challenge yourself on the course, but really love to just kick the golf balls, you are more than welcome to our driving range, putting range or at our pitching green for practicing, anytime. The usage of these areas are free of charge and you can lease clubs from us – but at the driving range you need to use practice balls (1 basket of golf balls (56 pieces) costs 990 HUF).

In so far as you would klike to go for the track game you need to have a trainer. Golf is a difficult sport, and however there are some people who able to learn it by themselves, it is not usual. Also for playing at the course you need to become a „blue card” holder – with this card you actually will be able to use any of the golf courses in the world. To have the proper golf knowledge, Barnabás Popovits, the Academy Golf Budapest’s Head Pro and golf manager will be at your kind disposal. He was helping to get the blue card for over hundred golfers.For the beginners we suggest 10 hour practice with the trainer, plus at least the same amount of time self-practice – however it is not written, it is only a good advice from us, but everyone is different in the learning procedure. Some might get to the course exam earlier and receive the blue card faster.

Fortunately the real talent can already show up right away on the Academy Open Day – since Barnabás has a „blood of golf” and sees the similars immediately.

The prices are the following:
1 person / occasion: 9000 HUF
2 person / occasion: 6000 HUF / person
3 person / occasion: 4500 HUF / person

The ones who are determined with golf can choose our Premium Training Package with the prices below:
10 times training package for 1 person: 80 000 HUF
10 times training package for 2 people: 52 000 HUF / person
10 times training package for 3 people: 39 000 HUF / person

The 9th and 10th occasion includes the course fulfillment, when there is an extra cost appear (6500 HUF / person) for the green fee. For the officially registered amateur competitors status, you have to pass a theoritical and a practical exam ( 6000 HUF / person). Also for the eliciting the blue card you must pay 5080 HUF for the the Hungarian Golf League.

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