Great food for great price. Wonderful panoroma. Cool staff. This is Pázsit.


Why Pázsit called Pázsit? Pázsit means – lawn/grass. Actually we were thinking a lot about how to call our restaurant, but it did worth the time, because we could not made up a better name for it. Wherever you look, you see beautiful greens around you. The truth is – that is our uniqueness, because even though we are located in the heart of Budapest – we can still provide green atmosphere to our guests, and they do not even have to travel a lot to get to this amazing environment. The cherry on top is that we have 64 free parking lot, which means that we are able to accomodate buses too.

However, we know that only with the view we can not ride to success. That is why our philosophy’s main part is that we strictly use quality materials at our kitchen to cook our dishes with the modern technologies and serve them in a „new wave” way.

So we have breathtaking panorama and great food – but we had to think about the extras what makes us more special than the other restaurants in the city.

We found out that the most important „extra” is the staff. Our waiters are not only professionals, but they have a really cool personality and they truly passionate about Pázsit and its guests. You can feel the warm and welcoming atmosphere at the second you walk in. That is how we like to work and create great memories for everyone.

We were also thinking about the service part. The golf course is here, that is already a huge plus, so we are well prepared to please the golf members who would like to freshen up themselves after game. Besides the golfers and walk in guests, our second profile is the events of the property. We provide the whole catering exclusively for all of the events held in the Academy Golf Budapest. Last year we had a lot of birthday parties, conferences, meetings, trainings, anniversaries, weddings etc. what we are so greatful for and we can say that all of them were very successful. We are pretty open minded for any special requests. We are flexible, we always find the solution. This is our motto.

Table reservation: +3630-176-7378,

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